It’s 2am

It’s 2am and the silence of the night lets what’s sitting in your mind come to the fore
2am and the reverence coaxes might that’s been shelved gathering dust, and you know in your core
That you’re pulling at threads that will unravel it all
That you’re pulling at threads that you think will make you fall

And you will…

You’ll unravel
And you’ll fall

You’ll pull at things you’re scared of saying and you’ll chip chip chip away at the wall
That you’ve built out of fear as pretence;
That you’ve tethered to your body as a looming brick fence..

And we’ll cry, letting each other be the life rings
And we’ll cry, letting each other make the pain sing
Because that is what we do.
Because that is what we have to do.

We sing.


Leave me out in the snow.
Let the cold seep into my bones.

Let me feel it.
Allow me to feel the hot sting and redness,
the borderline wringing of hands at the reckless
way in which we move, in which we dance and sway
The way in which I dare to prove that chance won’t have its say
this time
This time my hands may be tied but it’s not for a lack of me saying I tried.

Let it be just me who knows.
Let the world slip away amidst the throes.
Let me hear it.
Allow me to hear the quiet and stillness,
the asinine steps into lands void of lexis.

Unrequited. Unrequired.
Unspoken. Undesired.


Benighted. Unadorned.
Awoken. Suspired.


And breathe.

I know I’m more than I feel that I am.
I know that I’m more than I feel but god. fucking. damn.
it’s hard to be and keep warm when I’ve been left in the snow wearing
only what I last walked out your door in.